The Industry

Ensuring patient service care is the main focus of healthcare providers. Managing patient data, discrete systems and complex operations are key challenges – Our enterprise solutions seek to help healthcare providers use their data and systems more efficiently and become more flexible and agile in delivering best in class patient care.


We have experience in diverse enterprise integration projects for healthcare service providers – among our client base is one of the largest US not-for-profit research and healthcare institutions.

We have developed competencies in healthcare technology systems including OpenMRS, Aside from our technical expertise, our clients have benefited from efficiencies in our unique on-shore, off-shore hybrid costing model that delivers value across our healthcare offering.

Some examples of our work in the healthcare space are:
  • ICU services enhancement systems
  • Augmenting EMR’s to best integrate with business needs
  • Providing a cosmetic and functional layer for existing EMR
  • Developing management and patient care dashboards
  • Using iOS and web based tools to develop mobile apps

Our Work

Case Studies